About Us

It’s 2018 and the job hunt is still as complicated as ever. Our mission is to change that.

Our founders, Robin and Jacqueline, come from backgrounds in talent management, data-driven finance, and tech. We also remember what it was like to search for a job after college. We’re combining our insights from these experiences with data on candidates, companies, jobs, and predictive indicators of success to do one very simple thing: match a great candidate to a great job! The result? The best damn job placement site in the world.

Our Founders

Robin Levine

Before founding Scouted, Robin spent over ten years at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund in both investment and business strategy. She was the Chief of Staff for the COO and helped scale operations across the company during growth from 38B to 150B AUM. She also served as the Director of the Management Associate Program where she developed and managed a systematic talent evaluation process. Robin received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College.

Jacqueline Loeb

Before founding Scouted, Jacqueline spent over five years at Bridgewater Associates (BW), which is where she met Robin. Jacqueline held a variety of roles focused on talent management, operations management and business strategy. She was also responsible for managing the campus recruitment process for the Investment Associates Program. With Robin, she ran one of BW’s core talent pipelines and together they have reviewed over 75,000 resumes from interns to executives. Jacqueline received her Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College.

Our Team

Robin, Co-founder



  • Hometown: New City, NY
  • Education: Dartmouth, Harvard Business School
  • Former Fancy Job: Bridgewater Lifer
  • Dream Job: Professional Podcast Listener

Jax, Co-founder



  • Hometown: Toronto, Canada
  • Education: Dartmouth
  • Former Fancy Job: Canoe Guide
  • Dream Job: Infomercial Rep

Craig, CTO



  • Hometown: New York (okay fine, Westchester)
  • Education: Dartmouth, NYU Stern
  • Former Fancy Job: SVP, Highbridge Capital Management
  • Dream Job: Successfully potty-training his daughter

Meredith, VP of Talent


VP of Talent

  • Hometown: DC / Brussels / New York (Go Knicks?)
  • Education: Dartmouth
  • Former Fancy Job: Director, Focus College Advisory
  • Dream Job: Grand Master of Underlings

Michelle, Head of BizDev


VP of Business Development

  • Hometown: NJ
  • Education: Cornell
  • Former Fancy Job: Account Executive, LinkedIn
  • Dream Job: 4th Member of the Jeopardy! Clue Crew

Ian, Marketing Associate


Marketing Associate

  • Hometown: Somewhere in CT
  • Education: William & Mary (Look, we made a new friend!)
  • Former Fancy Job: College Bro
  • Dream Job: This Kid's Assistant

Bridget, Talent Associate


Talent Associate

  • Hometown: Winnetka, IL
  • Education: Kenyon College
  • Former Fancy Job: Aggressive Fitness Instructor
  • Dream Job: YouTube Vlogger

Penguowl, Mascot

Owl, the Scouted Penguin


  • Hometown: Robin’s Guest Room
  • Education: The Etiquette School of New York
  • Former Fancy Job: Penguin, Scouted
  • Dream Job: Not being mistaken for an Owl