A note from the CEO:

We often get asked, out of all the businesses we *could* have created, why did we create a platform that helps people get jobs? 

The short answer? 

Because a person’s first, second, or even third job has the ability to change the entire trajectory of his or her career. 

We saw way too much talent get overlooked for opportunities because they didn’t attend the *right* school or didn’t have the *right* former title and we realized how much both candidates and companies were missing out.

Maybe you want to transition careers and need to parlay how your skills transfer from one industry to the next. Maybe you’re on the hunt for your first job, eager to kickstart your career.

Regardless, here at Scouted, we’ve always believed that you are more than your resume. This has been our driving force from day one and it still is today. That’s why we created a platform that shows off your talents, personalities, and potential!

While we’re at it, we decided we could be doing a better job of this for Scouted, too. So, we treated ourselves to a big upgrade – we got a new look, new website, and new experience. Not only will this update better showcase our unique personality, it’ll help us better showcase yours. But, we’re more than just a pretty face… you can expect an improved user experience and even more amazing opportunities to come your way.

We’re delighted to share our new site with you and, as always, we’re committed to supporting you along your career journey in whatever way we can. 

Check out the new Scouted!

Keep it real,

Co-founder & CEO