(Un)employment is at the nexus of this pandemic. With significant unexpected layoffs, now more than ever, people are eager to find new jobs and yet, at the same time, many companies have paused hiring altogether or are managing downsizing internally, making it even harder to land on your feet quickly. At this time, Scouted’s job matching platform still plays a key role in helping connect candidates and companies with aligned values. But, we quickly realized that it’s no longer enough on its own.

Last week, Scouted’s CEO and co-founder, Jacqueline Loeb, talked about why, out of any business, she co-founded a job-matching platform. Jax says the catalyst for Scouted was simple: to change the fundamental dynamics of the labor market to be based on true merit and potential. 

At Scouted, we want to continue to level the playing field – to continue building that meritocratic talent ecosystem to unlock human potential – and we want to make sure the tools that we’re providing our community to drive this mission are equally relevant and resourceful. And, especially now, we want to do our part to help candidates and companies manage the complex and unforgiving COVID-19 climate. 

Simply put, that’s why we’re launching Coached by Scouted

Coached by Scouted offers personalized and compassionate career coaching for job seekers and for employers looking to manage layoffs with empathy, at a fraction of market prices. Candidates are supported by specialized Scouts in every step of the career search journey. It’s career coaching for humans, not resumes. 

If you’re a job seeker navigating this unprecedented market, career coaching services are pricey, with a simple resume review clocking in at $120. More personalized consultations? Closer to $1000. Right now, investing that kind of cash just isn’t realistic for many. 

We have assembled a robust roster of Scouts to deliver a dynamic coaching experience for job seekers across industries and abilities. From ex-consultants and founders to talent experts in the c-suite, our Scouts are well-versed in a wide variety of career coaching topics – and bring decades of experience in the field to the table. 

This is a difficult time where many individuals need more comprehensive support to confidently and successfully maneuver their job search. Our Scouts are here so you don’t feel alone, so you feel supported and, most notably, so you have concrete, productive ways to spend your time. 

If you’re an employer forced to reduce your team right now, you’re also cash strapped, and in wanting to do right by your employees, offering traditional outplacement services can scale up to $4,000 per employee. 

Scouted’s new-to-market product offers personalized Career Coaching packages designed to help employers manage layoffs with empathy and compassion. In this package, experienced, dedicated Scouts coach exiting employees through every stage of the job search process, from understanding the current job market to negotiating an offer like a pro. Our services give employees added support and guidance through an unexpected transition, while serving you as an affordable solution to traditional outplacement offerings.

As a small startup that works intimately with companies of all sizes and stages, we understand first hand how difficult it is for companies to let go of employees. While you might not be able to control whether or not you have to lay off staff, you can control how you manage that situation and how you support your former employees on their future journey. 

Coached by Scouted is how we can best help companies manage layoffs with empathy and compassion, and help job-seekers get back on their feet as soon as possible. 

At its heart, Coached by Scouted is career coaching for humans.