Juniper Square is transforming the private funds industry, one of the largest and best-performing industries in our financial ecosystem, yet also one of the most inaccessible, least liquid, and least transparent financial markets out there. They’re aiming to change all of that through software, and they’re in search of passionate, high integrity, service-oriented, and highly capable team members to join us.

Juniper Square has recently closed a new round of investment, and in the last year they’ve more than tripled the team and quadrupled our business. Over the course of 2018, They’ll achieve equivalent growth, and are looking for people who thrive on taking on a lot of responsibility in a dynamic, high-growth startup environment.

We wanted to give you an inside look into Juniper Square and talk with one of their hiring managers, Elizabeth, to give you a feel for the person they’re looking for to fill roles such as a Business Development Representative, a Associate Product Operations Manager, and a Customer Success Manager.

What is your favorite thing about working at Juniper Square?

My favorite thing about working at Juniper Square is the ability to have real, tangible impact.  One Juniper Square company value is to “think like an owner.” So, when you see something that can be improved – do it! The sky is the limit. Each team member’s voice is respected, and indeed, encouraged. This ownership mentality makes it extremely satisfying to go to work each day – you really feel like this is your company and that your contributions make a difference!

What would the perfect candidate be passionate about?

At a high level, the perfect Juniper Square candidate would be passionate helping people through the use of software. More specifically, the candidate would be passionate about solving inefficiencies and increasing transparency within the financial services industry.

Why does the role you’re hiring for matter/what impact does it have on the company?

The Product Operations team plays a key role in a data-intensive and data-focused company in the form of customer onboarding. Without being properly onboarded and having their current and historical data on the software, the customer is unable to leverage several key features of the software. The Product Operations team unlocks the ability for customers to gain value from the software on day one, setting them up for success through proper data migration and IT implementation.

The Customer Success role is the key contact with our customers. We handle training and ongoing account management, and take a consultative approach to helping our customers get value from Juniper Square. We spend a lot of time speaking to customers and helping them solve their everyday problems, as well as advising on best practices in the private equity industry.

What can a candidate do to be successful during their interview?

In order for a candidate to be successful, they need to understand Juniper Square’s mission, vision, and the software’s value-add for its customers. Secondly, they need to have a firm understanding of the role they are interviewing for. Be prepared to give examples of similar work you have done that makes you a good fit for the role.

What’s a fun fact about Juniper Square?

Juniper Square employees LOVE the sparkling water brand: La Croix. There are frequent debates about which is the best flavor! We also have weekly catered breakfast and lunch, and an unlimited vacation policy, among other amazing benefits!

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