The death of George Floyd has evoked a profound global response, but most impactfully from the Black community who has endlessly fought for relief from systemic injustice and racism in America.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve found ourselves waiting for “business as usual” to resume, but the events of the past week have reminded us that our yearning for “normal” comes from a place of privilege, and that the old normal is not acceptable.

“Business as usual” is not a safe or just space for our Black friends, family, team members, colleagues, neighbors, and business partners. 

From day one, our mission at Scouted has been to change the fundamental dynamics of the labor market to be based on abilities and potential. And now, we have an overwhelming responsibility to double down on that fundamental mission.

We recognize the importance of equity in employment and the systemic inequities that exist today, particularly for Black Americans. We also know the impact that a job can have, and how getting the right job can change the trajectory of someone’s entire career. 

As CEO, I am responsible to ensure Scouted’s actions are aligned with our values. While we may not have the scale and platform that others do, we want to use our resources to make a positive contribution where we can.  

Personally, I will be dedicating weekly office hours for resume review consultations for Black job seekers (we will share these details in an email and on our social media accounts next week).

As a team, we will continue to educate ourselves on matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion so we are a resource and voice for not only our candidates, but also for our clientele, too.

We do not have all of the answers, we are very much learning in real-time, and we are not presuming that this will drive meaningful change in isolation; but, we are fully committed to bringing about a more just and fair workplace, together. 

In solidarity, 

Jacqueline Loeb

CEO & Co-Founder