Hire people. Not resumes.

Candidates are human. Your hiring process should be too. Hire talent by their abilities and potential, not just their resume.

15:1 average profiles to hire

20+ hours saved per hire

>95% retention rate

Scouted is the job matching platform that works for you

We match early to mid-career talent to companies based on their profiles through an ever-learning AI technology. Scouted does the filtering for you.

More efficient. More effective.

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Sam Bennett

Top Match

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Danielle Green

Unique match

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Perry Rogers

Great match

Curated candidates you can virtually meet

No more choosing between quantity or quality. Review only pre-qualified candidates who have a comprehensive profile that goes beyond a cover letter and resume. You can even require candidates to complete a standardized video interview first so you can virtually meet them at your leisure.

Total Hires

Let us know how they’re doing!


Accept rate

75% of your offers have been accepted



63% of candidates you interview are women


Match quality

87% of your interviews were top matches


Response time

Average number of days to review new candidates


Reduce time, optimize your hiring process

Spend resources where it really matters. Scouted provides you with pipeline diagnostics that measure efficiency and identify bottlenecks within your hiring process. We offer smart coaching that helps improve your funnel performance over time.

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Meet your Scout, your recruitment sidekick

Our team of recruitment experts learn your hiring needs inside and out. From sourcing and placement, to candidate evaluation and compensation benchmarking – your personal Scout is there every step of the way.

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product options

Dynamic service levels to meet your needs

Scouted offers pipelines of qualified candidates across three service level offerings. We designed these levels to provide the efficiency of AI-powered technology coupled with the expertise of human experience at the price point that suits your team’s needs.

“Scouted represents a fundamental rethinking of recruiting, moving to a more personal marketplace in which both recruiter & candidate achieve better fit.”

“Scouted has been a pivotal partner in helping Gemini land incredible talent. Their platform made the selection process on our end quite painless.”

Scouted's platform is amazing for companies - it helps save valuable time for hiring managers, especially at smaller companies.

I love Scouted's ease of use, access to a large number of interested candidates, and customized service by account managers that match our company's hiring workflow.

We match candidates based on better indicators of long-term success like EQ, grit, and analytical thinking.

We are a

  • tech startup
  • hedge fund
  • CPG company

based in

  • SF
  • NYC
  • Chicago


Looking for a

  • business analyst
  • chief of staff
  • financial analyst

with outstanding

  • communication skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • drive and grit


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