You have questions? We have answers!

FAQ: High Level

So, what exactly does Scouted do?

We connect early-career candidates (0-10 years of experience) with internships and jobs where you’ll have meaningful responsibilities, experienced mentors and coworkers, and an office culture that’s the right fit. We’re matchmakers. We seek to understand you as an applicant and help you find the right role for your strengths and long-term goals. We have 15+ years of hiring experience on our founding team, and a strong philosophy that you are more than just your resume, GPA and major.

How do I get started?

Good question. This is what the process looks like, for you:

  1. First, submit our initial application, which is basically just a resume and some questions about what roles, industries and office culture you’re interested in. Takes about 5 minutes.
  2. Then, our candidate gurus review your application, and if we think we can help you find something great, we invite you to our Round 1 virtual interview. The interview is completed through an online platform, and you can choose to answer in mostly video form or mostly written form.
  3. When your interview is complete, you’re eligible to opt-in to our roles, which we update on a rolling basis. Your Round 1 interview becomes part of your candidate profile, along with your resume and initial application, and it’s valid forever.

How do I get connected with companies?

  1. After you choose the companies you’re interested in, our internal team then runs our algorithm to determine where you’ll be a good fit - using your application, R1 interview, resume, and your stated company preferences.
  2. We then send each company a roster of 10-20 candidates for them to review.
  3. If their team wants to interview you, we connect you with the hiring manager for your Round 2 Interview.

FAQ: The Scouted Interview

Who sees my Round 1 interview?

Our candidate gurus and any company with whom you’re matched. Our partner companies know that we encourage you guys to be informal and candid, so you won’t be judged by the same formality standards as a traditional in-person job interview. We’d aim for a tone that’s relaxed, open and honest while still remembering that you want companies to see your video and think, “Yes, I’d hire that person in a heartbeat.”

Should I choose the written option or the video option?

Whatever suits you best! We give you a choice because we want you to put your best foot forward. No preferences over here.

What time is my R1 interview due?

Submit by midnight on your due date.

Does my link expire if I don’t record my interview by the deadline?

Nope! The link takes you to our Interview Instructions - it never expires. From there, you can access the virtual interview. That link won’t expire either. Email us for an extension though, so we can update your deadline.

How can I request an extension?

Email, with the subject line “Interview Extension”, and someone on our Candidate Team will extend it for you.

I’m having trouble with the interview platform!

WePow is here to help! WePow, the company who operates our virtual interview platform, has awesome customer service. Check out the “Help” button on the right hand side of your window to chat with the WePow help desk. They can usually troubleshoot any tech issues.

I completed my interview, but then I received a reminder email about the deadline. Did you receive my interview submission?

Yes, we almost certainly did! Sometimes our reminder emails are sent before our system is updated.

How do I update my resume?

On your applicant profile, you can update your resume at any time. Please upload as a PDF.

What's the best resume template to use?

Our preferred resume template is linked here; we like to keep it clean and crisp. Try out the resume outline linked above, and you’re always welcome to send it to us at if you want specific feedback

Should I use a funky resume design with cool graphics or a photo?

If you're in the creative sector, maybe. If not, we have found our template to be most effective.

FAQ: Dashboard

What do each of the tabs mean?

  • Jobs: This is where you’ll find all of our open roles. To know more about the role, just click “View.” To apply, click the blue “Opt-In” button within the description to be considered.
  • Opt-in: These are the roles that you've indicated you're interested in.
  • In Review: You’ve been matched! This means we've sent your information to the hiring manager and they’re currently reviewing your profile.
  • Round 2 Interview: You got selected for an interview! When this happens, we introduce you directly to hiring manager via email.
  • Offers: Whoohoo you got an offer! If you want to talk through how to negotiate compensation, equity options, or just chat with us, we’re always happy to hop on a call and offer our advice.
  • Turndown: These are the roles that didn’t work out. You were either not matched, or you were matched but the hiring manager has chosen not to move ahead with your candidacy.

Why has X job been in my “In Review” tab for a long time?

There are a few reasons why roles can linger in your “In Review” tab.

  1. The hiring manager has not yet reviewed his/her candidates. We do everything in our power to encourage our partner companies to move quickly, but sometimes things are beyond our control. Priorities shift, a crisis arises, the hiring manager goes on vacation… Lots of things can happen to delay the review process. We promise to try our best to speed up the process!
  2. The hiring manager is interviewing a preliminary group of candidates but will likely return to the roster for additional interviews. Sometimes the hiring team only has the capacity to handle a small number of candidates at a time; sometimes the team is trying to get clarity on what type of candidate they need. We will not let you hang in no man's land beyond 4 weeks, but we do think it's to your advantage to stick around for a few rounds of interview selections.

I am not interested in Job Y. How do I remove myself?

If you go into the job description, you should see a big red "withdraw" button.

FAQ: Post-Interview Process

I submitted my Round 1 Interview. Now what?

  • Head to your dashboard to opt into jobs! If you don’t see any immediately after finishing your interview, try checking back in 5-10 minutes. There’s a lag between when you submit your interview and when the system connects it to your profile.
  • We’ll shoot you an email reminder to check your Scouted dashboard and to remind you to opt in for the week. Click “Opt In” to any roles that you’re interested in..
  • After we sync with companies and they choose who they’d like to interview, we’ll connect you directly with the hiring manager via email. Then it’s all you! We’ll check in with you periodically, and if you have any questions as you go, reach out!

Can I reach out to [Specific Company X] to express my interest?

We ask that you don’t reach out to companies outside the Scouted process. Companies partner with us to help streamline their hiring process – they strongly prefer to use our systems for candidate contact. (And in fact, they are turned off when candidates try to go around our process.)

How do I access my matches page?

Erm. Here.

How do I best prepare for my interview with Company X?

Our co-founders, who have interviewed hundreds of applicants, put together resources specifically for our candidates. Check it out here.

We will also let you know if we have company-specific insight before you embark on your second round interviews. We want you to succeed, and we do our best to help you feel prepared.

Help! Interviews are scary. What are the right interview clothes? Can you tell me all the interview answers? Should I write an interview thank you note?

If you're freaking out, email us! We can help. But first read the guide above. It's super helpful, we promise.

I have another job offer but I’d still like to continue with the Scouted process.

Congrats! Definitely let us know if you have a deadline with another company so we can try to meet your needs. (Or alternatively, help you think through whether to accept your current offer!)