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Customer Success Manager

Amazing culture; super team + huge potential for growth + leadership. Good opp for someone looking to transition from banking, consulting.

  • Start: ASAP
  • Locations: San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX
  • Experience: 1-4 Years

Company Details

Juniper Square is an easy-to-use, all-in-one investment management software system that saves managers time, enables more productive fundraising, and improves investor satisfaction. Designed specifically for the real estate industry, Juniper Square is trusted by hundreds of investment sponsors to manage more than 10,000 real estate investments.

Company Culture

Career Path

  • Mgmt/Ops


Job Details

Job TypeFull Time
Visa SponsorshipNo
Start Date ASAP
Business UnitCustomer Success
Target Hire Count2

Role Overview

At Juniper Square, we’re transforming the private funds industry, one of the largest and best-performing parts of our financial ecosystem, yet also one of the most inaccessible, least liquid, and least transparent financial markets out there. We believe we can change things for the better through software, and we’re seeking passionate, talented, and service-oriented people to join our team.

We’ve recently closed a new round of investment, and over the last year we’ve more than tripled our team and quadrupled our business. We’re on track to achieve equivalent growth in 2018, and we’re looking for people who thrive on taking on a lot of responsibility in a dynamic, high-growth startup environment to join us.

The Customer Success Manager’s goal is to help customers adopt Juniper Square and guide them towards getting the most value possible out of the product.

What will you do?

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Managing the onboarding process for new customers
  • Fielding phone- and email-based support inquiries from customers
  • Producing and delivering web-based and in-person training seminars for customers
  • Interacting with customers to learn how their business works, and coaching them on how to get the most value from our product
  • Creating account plans and performing periodic account reviews and meetings with customers
  • Assisting with creating self-service documentation and video-based training materials
  • Representing the voice of the customer in collaborating with product designers and engineers to improve our product and make it more valuable for customers
  • Ensuring the retention, growth, and satisfaction of a portfolio of customer accounts

You’ll engage hands-on with customers in this role, but you’ll also develop processes, tools, and collateral to make these customer interactions more efficient as the business grows. We’ll be counting on you to approach these problems holistically and identify ways to solve them.

What are you like?

This role covers a wide variety of skills, from engaging with customers to producing collateral to designing processes, and you may be more excited about some parts of the role than others. That’s perfectly fine. We’re building a team with a diverse set of skills, and you’ll have support from the rest of us, since we’re all working towards building a compelling product and customer experience. This role presents a a great way to gain a wide range of experiences in software startups. If you’re considering a future in product marketing, sales, account management, product management, or sales engineering, customer success is a great stepping stone since you’ll get exposure to all of these areas.


  • 2+ years of experience in a client-facing or project-management role, such as customer success, consulting, etc.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills, including comfort with presenting to senior executive audiences
  • Empathy for customers, and passion for helping them
  • Strong project-management skills, including great attention to detail
  • Interest in new technologies
  • Ability to travel
  • Diplomacy and grace under pressure
  • B.A. or B.S. degree

This is a full-time position located in our Austin office or San Francisco office.

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