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We match aspiring candidates with inspiring companies. Get hired for your abilities and potential, not just your resume.

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High Tech, Human Touch

Using our ever-learning AI technology and the expertise of our talent team, Scouted helps early to mid-career candidates land the right job. The more we get to know you, the smarter we get.

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Scouted is the job matching platform that works for you

Meet our Scouts. They are here to be your advocate and coach as you apply for the opportunities that interest you. They’ll also suggest great jobs you may have overlooked.

image: Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett

Top Match

image: Danielle Green

Danielle Green

Unique match

image: Perry Rogers

Perry Rogers

Great match

You are more than your resume

Let your talents, personality and potential do the talking. We give you the opportunity to share your story through our Scouted Virtual Interview so companies can get to know the real you.

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have discovered Scouted. I am SO much happier in my new role and am so thrilled to have found a great new company”

“My favorite thing about Scouted is how much they advocate on your behalf. They are willing to go out of their way to make sure you find jobs where you'll be happy.”

“I feel the video interviews allowed me to showcase aspects of my personality and experience that might not come through other job application methods”

“I am so grateful Scouted exists because it connected me with an amazing internship. Scouted is truly unparalleled in expertise, curiosity, & compassion.”

Helping super-smart generalists land coveted business opportunities.


  • creative
  • analytical
  • personable

is my biggest strength.

I’m looking to

  • change careers
  • advance my career
  • start my career

and my dream workplace is a

  • tech startup
  • hedge fund
  • large company